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            low-power broadcast



              Before using,please make the application for Radio Frequency License.

              To Customers ―Thanks for purchasing

              Thanks for purchasing our HAOR series radio.

              HAOR radios will provide you with a reliable, clear and efficient communication services.

              This radio uses innovative DSP digital signal processing technology, highly integrated, with a variety of professional features and excellent stability,杭州翻譯公司, reliability, intelligent recognition 3.6v/7.2v battery function.Unique innovative features such as vibrating alert , low-power broadcast, lighting and optional high definition headphones are very suitable for hotels, guesthouses, entertainment, shopping malls, shopping malls, property management and other industries use .In the noisy environment, Vibrating alert function after missed calls and high-definition headphones are both good practicability for users.with the best ( walkie-talkie) cost-effective to meet different requirements of users.

              Whole appearance of this radio with clean lines, compact body, only weighing 290g.Built-in with metal mesh and stereo speakers,simple but fashion and innovative design will make it easily for you enjoy the fun of instant messaging!

              security informations before using

              Please read the User's manual before using,the following suggestions will help you understand well how to operating and using the walkie-talkie in correct way.

              1.Please keep radio and all parts of accessories away from little children.

              2.Without permission, please do not attempt to open and maintenance radio, radio may be damaged by unprofessional technicians.

              3.Please use our matching battery and charger, to make sure it won't make negative effects on the radio.

              4.Please use the antenna supporting by our company , so as not to shorten the communication distance.

              5.Do not expose the radio to sunlight for a long period of time,don't put it near to the deat or use it in a high temperature environment.

              6.Don't put it in extreme dust , wet,unsteady place.

              7.Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents to clean the walkie-talkie.

              8.Do not transmit before the antenna is installed.

              9.If you find an abnormal smell or smog from the radio, please turn off the radio immediately, And take batteries off from the radio, then contact with our local dealer or our company.

              10.This manual is suitable for the using of HAOR and DAXIAMEI KA series radio.

              11.Special Notes: When programing the radio,read the original frequency from radio first, then change the frequency and signal and re-write it, or it will error easily.


              checking equipments

              Standard accessories

              Battery Informations

              Installation Accessories

              attaching/releasing battery pack

              attaching/releasing antennas

              Installing / Removing belt clip

              Installing external headsets / microphone

              Installing Nylon handle (optional)

              Familiar with radio

              Other function

              Basic Operation

              On / off radio

              On / off lights

              Open/close flashlight

              Voice prompt

              Adjust volume

              Check the current channel

              Channel Selection



              Emergency alert function

              Senior operation

              cancel muting

              Monitoring function

              Background operation

              CTCSS/DCS code

              Channel spacing

              busy channel lock(BCL)


              TOT alarm

              VOX grade

              Sound reminder

              Save electricity

              PC software programable

              Maintenance and clean

              Main Technical Specifications

              Common problems & trouble-shooting for the equipment

              Appendix table

              CTCSS frequency code

              DCS frequency code

              Checking equipments

              Unpack the transceiver from box carefully.We advice you check items listed in the following before dicarding the packing.If any items is missing or be damaged,please contact with us.

              Supplied accessories

              Item NO. Quantity

              Antenna QA05V/QA05U 1

              Battery QB-27L 1

              Power adapter QPS-04 1

              Belt clip BC05 1

              Warranty card 1

              Manual 1

              Certificate 1

              N.B. Antenna frequency please refer to the bottom label on antenna.

              Battery Information

              Charge operation

              The battery from the factory have not been charged, please charge it before use.After purchase or extended storage (more than two months),the first changeing can't bring it to greatest capacity,you need to repeated change and discharge 2 or 3 times to achieve optimal performance.If you charge the battery in correct way,but the lifetime of it become shorter,You need to replace a new battery for radio.

              the average use time of battery is 10 hours.

              Charger for battery

              Please use charger supplied by our company to charge the battery ; other charger may be cause battery explosion,and causing the body harm.Put battery into the radio, a red indicator light flashes and the sound reminder ring, it means the battery out of battery or almost out of battery , please charge it.


              The following recommendations may be helpful if the battery is to be stored:

              keep a 50% charge condition.

              When storing the battery, it is not necessary to leave it on charge. Disconnect the negative battery cable. This will prevent inadvertent discharging of the battery that may lead to a complete discharge.

              Fully charge the battery before putting it in storage and store in a cool and dry place.

              Boost charge the battery every 3 months to ensure maximum battery life.

              To be away from heat and direct sunlight.


              Do not short-circuit the battery terminals or throw the batteries into fire.

              Never attempt to remove the casing from battery pack.

              when charging the temperature should be between 5 ~ 40 ℃, or,the battery will not get fully charged.

              When charging ,please turn off the radio,otherwise it will hinder battery charging.

              If the battery or radio with the phenomenon of moisture, do not charged immediately .please clean it and keep it dry,then charge it.

              Charging methods:

              Direct charging by AC power adapter

              1.AC power adapter plugged into AC power output socket.

              Charge the battery or the radio with charger

              it can charger both Li-ion battery pack and radio with battery pack.Plug the AC power adapter into AC power outlet , then connect the DC output cable into the USB jack of the rechargeable batteries back.

              working station indicator----red led light

              charging station indicato----green led light

              When charging begins,the red led light displays,after charged the led light turn green.

              Installation Accessories

              attaching/releasing battery pack

              Push up the battery pack down to the back of the radio guide groove ,until you hear a "click" sound, it is installed.

              Turn off the radio before releasing the battery pack.Pressing the bottom on top of radio back, Push downward,the battery pack is released.

              attaching/releasing antennas

              Squeeze the bottom of the antenna and tighten it into the radio clockwise ,until it is tightened up,releasing antennas clockwise.

              Installing / Removing belt clip

              Put the belt clip on the back cover of the radio and use a screwdriver to tighten the screws clockwise. Use a screwdriver to releasing the screw clockwise, then remove the belt clip.

              Installing external headsets / microphone

              Insert the speaker/microphone plugs into the speaker/microphone jacks.

              N.B.The radio is not fully waterproof while using the external speaker/microphone.

              Installing Nylon handle line (optional)

              Put nylon handle line through the radio hole,other side go through the lines,then taut it.


              LED status and tone

              Low-power warning Red LED indicator light flashes, every 30 seconds a tone ringing

              Transmitting LED indicator lights become red

              Receiving LED indicator lights become green

              Scanning LED indicator lights become green and flashes per second.

              Read / write frequency Reading frequency: red LED light flashes

              Write frequency: Green LED flashes

              Programmable buttons

              Click the 【PF1】 Cancel muting

              Click the 【PF2】 Lighting

              Press 【PF1】for 3 seconds Enable vibration function

              Press 【PF2】for 3 seconds Enable alarm

              Basic Operation

              On / off radio

              Radio on: Rotate the power/vol knob clockwise,after you hear a "kida" sound, the radio's power is turned on, and a "Start" voice from radio and it will tell you the current channel.

              Radio off: Rotate the power/vol knob counterclockwise ,after you hear a "kida" sound,the radio is turned off.

              On / off lights

              In standby mode, click the 【PF2】 to turn on the lights,click again to turn off the lights.

              Voice prompt

              This function is used to alert the user there are some calls has not been received . In standby mode, click the button programmed for the transmitting, the transceiver will send the signal out. After your fellow get call signal, it will prompts as pre-programmed way, There are two ways for prompt:vibration and tone.

              Adjust volume

              Turn on the radio,then rotate the PWR/VOL knob,clockwise the VOL to increase volume,anticlockwise to decrease volume.

              Tip: You can click the programmed button for cancel the squelch【PF1】to monitor background noise.Rotate the PWR (power supply) / VOL (volume) / NAME (channel) knob at the same time to adjust the volume. when communicating,it will more conducive to get accurate volume.

              Check the current channel

              In standby mode, rotate to the next channel, radio beeps, which prompted the current radio channel.

              Channel Selection

              In standby mode, rotate the NAME (channel) knob to select the desired channel, radio will prompts with voice. Prompts the channel after adjustment.


              When djusting the channel, if it is the free channel radio prompts from "du" tone.


              When the channel you are using is transmitted, the LED light will turn green,then you can hear from other's.


              If your radio's squelch as a higher level, may be you can not receive the signal.


              If your radio's squelch on a higher level, may be you can not receive the signaling.

              If the current channel was programmed with signalling system

              , you can only hear the calls from the radio with the same signaling to you.


              Press the 【PF1】button that programmed for cancel squelch and Listening for a moment,ensure the channel you want to use is not busy.Then press the 【PTT】button,speak to the microphone. Please keep the distance between microphone and the mouth about 2.5-5cm , speaking with usual tone of voice , so that the other radio can received the best quality of sound from you.


              Press the 【PTT】bottom,light turn into red,it is transmitting;release 【PTT】bottom to hear your partner.

              Emergency alert function

              press the emergency alarm button for 3 seconds to activate the emergency alarm. When it's started,the radio will ringing a alarm tone and start to transmit,alarm tone will be transferred to others or systems.The emergency alarm exit automatically after 8 seconds.

              Senior operation

              Cancel muting

              click the 【PF1】button that programmed for cancel squelch,squelch circuit is not mute,then you can hear background noise,click the【PF1】button again,squelch circuit is mute,this function can help you listen to the weak signals that difficult to hear.

              Monitoring function

              Click the button 【PF1】 programmed for monitor, radio will make a sound as "beep" ,the monitoring begins.In monitoring mode,the CTCSS / DCS code will be ignored.As long as you received the match signal then you can monitor others.Click the button 【PF1】again, another "beep" sound,the monitoring function exit.


              Scanning automatically when the radio is entered the 16-channel.

              Background operation

              CTCSS/DCS Coding and decoding

              When the radio programmed with this function, only when your CTCSS / DCS signaling match with others , you can hear from them.CTCSS / DCS code from others same as your's or they have't set the signaling,they can receiving from you.

              Channel spacing

              Base on different national conditions,Users can choose wide or narrow bandwidth as channel spacing to communicate, this radio's bandwidth is 25k (broadband) or 12.5k (narrowband) ,you can choose W(wide 25k) or N(narrow 12.5k) by program it.

              busy channel lock(BCL)

              When this function is on,you may be prevent interrupting from other radios that on talking.If the selected channel is being used by other radios ,when you press 【PTT】,the radio you using will beep,杭州翻譯,and it will return to receiving mode.


              this function is to limit the continuous long-time transmitting.when the continuous transmitting time exceeds the time you set, you will hear a beep and the transmitting will be stopped.You can set the time-limit level for TOT by program it.

              TOT alarm

              TOT alarm is before the continuous transmitting time exceeds the time you set,it will send out a alrm for warning.You can change the time for timeout warning alarm time.

              Sound reminder

              Beep function is a prompts to confirm the input operation, if it is operator error or malfunction .The radio with two language,chinese and english,you can choose what you like.

              Save electricity

              Open the power-saving function can reduce battery consumption effectively,when the transceiver haven't receiving any signals or no operation on it, it will start the power-saving function automatically.When it received the matching signal or with operation, the radio will exit the power saving function automatically.

              PC software programable

              How to Install and strat the PC programming software(example under window XP system)

              1.Double-click the"QPS628 setup.exe"file,then installing follow as the installation hints shows on PC ;

              2.Click the Start menu,select and click the“ USB TO COM port” entry which under the KYT-A.ETUP.1.07 directory of the All Programm menu, and then you install this driver follow as the installation hints.

              3.Insert the PC04 programming-line you bought into the headphone jack,then connect to radio.

              4. Double-click the entry QPS628 on the desktop or click the entry QPS628 which under QPS628 content in the start menu ,then select the serial “COM port” under the tips and click “YES”,then you can start the PC programming software.


              our suggestion is read the frequency first ,then writte it.

              Maintenance and clean

              If the radio is not in use, please cover the jack, After long-term use ,the walkie-talkie, buttons, control knobs and shell are easy to become dirty,please use neutral detergent (do not use highly corrosive chemicals) and a damp cloth for cleaning.

              Main Technical Specifications

              Common problems & trouble-shooting for the equipment

              1. No power A.the battery has been exhausted,replace or recharg the battery.

              B.The battery is installed incorrectly,remove it and install again.

              C.the battery switch was broken,send it to local dealer or company to repair and maintenance.

              D.the battery wafer damaged,send it to local dealer or company to repair and maintenance.

              2. the lifetime of battery becomes short,even it is fully charged. Replace a new battery.

              3. Can not scanning the frequency haven't been programed into radio for scanning.

              4. All the noise or light turn to green after programming

              the squelch was opened when radio programing

              5. beep ringing after programing

              Radio programming errors. programed frequency is over the scope of the provisions of radio.

              6. Headphones no sounds

              radio's earplugs socket broken,send it to local dealer or company to repair and maintenance.

              7. Not able to communicate with the other group radios

              Ensure the QT/DQT,CTCSS/DCS,frequency/channels are same

              The distance is outside of range.

              8. the talk distance become shorter

              A. checking the antenna carefully,tighten the antenna

              B. The programed frequency is different from the radio's frequency

              9. Receiving be stopped and large noise

              Beyond the limits of radio communication distance or hinder by high buildings block or in the basement.

              10. Receive indicator (green) lighting, but no sounds

              A. VOL is too small,increase the VOL.

              B. Speaker broken, send it to local dealer or company to repair and maintenance.

              C. radio's earplugs socket broken,send it to local dealer or company to repair and maintenance.

              D. the VOL switch is broken,send it to local dealer or company to repair and maintenance.

              Appendix table

              CTCSS frequency code

              DCS frequency code

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