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            « 世錦賽官方為游泳競賽后的新聞發布會配好了全程的同聲傳譯正式完畢了駕駛員考試單語種化的歷史 »



            暮年的喬羽喜歡垂釣,他說,“有水有魚的中央大都是有好環境的,好環境便會給人好意情。我以為最好的釣魚場所不是溫馨的、給你準備好餓魚的垂釣園,而是那極端有吸收力的大自然野外天成的場所。” 釣魚是一項可以熏陶性情的運動,有益于身心安康。喬羽說:“釣魚可分三個階段:第一階段是吃魚;第二階段是吃魚和情味兼而有之;第三階段主要是釣趣,面對一池碧水,將憂心懊惱全都拋在一邊,使本人的身心得到充沛休息。”


            The general public might be well-acquainted with the songs composed by Qiao Yu, but they might actually know very little about his two major hobbies-fishing and wine-drinking.

            In his later years (Late in his life), Qiao Yu has become enamored of fishing (developed a penchant / special fondness for fishing)。 He asserts: “ Mostly speaking, a place with water and fish must necessarily be blessed with a nice setting, which in return keeps people in good mood. I believe that the optimum fishing places are not those commercial fishing centers/resorts which provide the fishermen with all the conveniences and where fish are kept hungry for ready capture, but those naturally-formed places in the wilderness which exert a special appeal.” According to him, fishing can constitute an activity conducive to the cultivation of one‘s temperament and to one’s health, at once physical and psychological. Qiao Yu claims: “Fishing can be divided into three stages. The first stage consists of mere fish-eating; the second a combination of fish-eating and the pleasure (enjoyment) of fishing; the third primarily the pleasure of fishing when, confronted with a pond of clear water, one puts aside all his troubling vexations and annoyances and enjoys the total relaxation both mentally and physically.”





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