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            As it is, we can not help him.

            As it was, we could not help him.


            Let\\‘s keep it as it is.

            You mustn\\’t go to the ball as you are.你不能這樣去參與舞會。

            有時it能夠省略為“as is ”,意即:照如今的樣子,常指“不再修理或改良”等狀況。

            He has an old radio as is.他有一臺沒有修理過的舊收音機。

            I\\‘ll sell it to you as is, but don\\’t complain if it doesn\\‘t work.


            A.虛擬語氣句式+but +as it is / was,該構造意為:其實;事實上

            I thought things would get better, but as it is, they are getting worse and worse.

            The rice could have been got in yesterdy if the weather had been fine, but as it was, it had to be left in the fields.

            B.過去分詞+as it is,表示強調前面的過去分詞

            Written as it is in an interesting way, this book is enjoyable to young and old alike.

            Published as it was at such a time, his work attrached much attention.

            C.如今分詞+ as it does(did)。意為:由于這樣,(實踐)所以……

            Living as he does in Shanghai, he knows the place extremely well.

            Reading as he did many times, he could recite it fluently.


            A. as it stands 依據目前狀況來看

            As it stands, it is certain that our country can realize the four modernization ahead of schedule.

            B. such as it is不怎樣樣,質量不過如此

            The room, such as it is, is very bright.

            C. as it were =as if it were so.屬虛擬語氣,用于插入語。不能夠與as it is 混雜

            He is , as it were, a living dictionary.

            Comrade Lei Feng still lives, as it were , in our heart.

            4.have + the + 籠統名詞 +不定式

            I had the fortune to succeed.我很僥幸取得了勝利。

            have = possess原來指肉體和肉體上的特征,現作為一種天賦而具有的。

            She had the cheek ( = impudence) to say such a thing. = She was so impudent as to say such a thing.她恬不知恥地說出這樣的話。

            How can you have the heart ( = hard-heartness) to drown such darling little kittens?






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