Importing `sa.sql` file into MySQL Database

Importing `sa.sql` file  into MySQL Database

To import a MySQL database file (`sa.sql`) file into your MySQL database using the command-line client:

            mysql -u your_username -p your_database_name  <  /var/www/html/sa.sql
            mysql -u root -p root@123 < /var/www/html/sa.sql

Replace `your_username` with your MySQL username, `your_database_name` with the name of the database where you want to import `sa.sql`, and `/var/www/html/sa.sql` with the full path to your `sa.sql` file.

Executing MySQL Commands

Show Databases

Importing `sa.sql` file into MySQL Database


To list all databases in your MySQL server:

            SHOW DATABASES;

Create Database

To create a new database named `lmsdb`:

            CREATE DATABASE lmsdb;



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